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A value chain with good governance in management

ThaiBev firmly believes that delivering high quality and valuable products to consumers while maintaining responsibility towards stakeholders is the heart of a sustainable supply chain.
This starts from the very beginning of the value chain with good governance in management, which is applied to all stages from Sourcing, Production, Distribution, Sales and Route to Market, all the way to Post-Consumer Packaging Management.
ThaiBev has established guidelines to ensure that the company’s value chain remains sustainable, while engaging with all stakeholders to ensure mutual long-term growth and sustainable development.

ThaiBev focuses on sourcing quality raw materials and the continuous development of its suppliers. The company’s supplier selection process assigns high importance to suppliers’ environmental and social performance, and also prioritizes capacity-building for procurement staff, encouraging them to adhere to sustainable purchasing standards and to practice good business ethics in all aspects of their work.

ThaiBev adopts a standardized and safe production process that complies with all relevant standards, in order to deliver high quality products to consumers. The production process not only optimizes environmental resource use, such as water and energy, but also considers the environmental and social impacts of waste, effluents, and emissions from all production stages. ThaiBev closely engages with local communities, particularly those living in the vicinity of ThaiBev’s factories and operations, to foster strong relationships, cooperation, and effective communication.

ThaiBev’s fully integrated and extensive distribution system ensures that the company’s products are efficiently distributed to all consumers.Throughout the distribution process, ThaiBev focuses on sustainably mitigating any potential environmental and social impacts from transportation, including by managing energy use, fuel consumption, pollution, as well as personnel, processes, and community safety. These measures ensure that ThaiBev can effectively control and manage all impacts from its operations.

4.Marketing and Sales
ThaiBev delivers products to consumers through efficient distribution and production channels, and emphasizes responsible marketing and sales practices throughout nationwide. ThaiBev takes active steps to regularly engage consumers and customers through various activities, and gathers input from both consumers and customers in order to improve marketing practices and move towards sustainable growth.

5.Post-Consumer Packaging Management
ThaiBev strives to minimize the impact of post-consumer waste on the environment, society, and stakeholders from its packaging and bottles by conducting research and development to deliver innovative and environmentally-friendly packaging and labelling, conducting carbon footprint assessments, and applying the 3Rs principle – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.