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Managing supply chain effectively is a solid way to improve company bottom line and at the same time enhance brand image and build consumer’s trust.

In response to growing demand from our business expansion and consumer needs, supply chain visibility is vital to supply security and service level excellence.

Synergy practice enables us to exploit business opportunities, optimize processes and transactions, and create greater corporate business value.

Integrated Risk Management
ThaiBev has a formalized process to identify and manage risks in our supply chain to ensure the quality of our products and maintain high level of our stakeholder satisfaction.

Centralized Management
Centralized management leads us to effective knowledge transfer within each business unit and a fully integrated supply chain network contributing to cost saving and resource efficiency.

Global Branding
ThaiBev has been developing products that can reach different consumers worldwide to support our strategic imperative Vision 2020.

Sustainability Adoption in Our Supply Chain
Objectives Sourcing Resource Efficiency Collaborative Supply Chain
Description ThaiBev is committed to create a truly sustainable supply chain by minimizing any sustainability misconducts that occur in our supply chain even beyond tier 1 suppliers. We strongly believe that our suppliers need to take part in making our supply chain truly sustainable. ThaiBev adheres to 3Rs principle to optimize resource consumption, reduce waste generated, and in turn minimize environmental impacts from our operation. ThaiBev comes up with various activities to promote collaboration with suppliers and build the capacity of suppliers to continuously and sustainably grow in step with us.
Adoption in Supply Chain
  • Strictly enforce the Supplier Code of Practice to all active suppliers.

  • Encourage tier 1 suppliers to adopt sustainability practice down their own supply chain.

  • Integrate sustainability requirements into supplier qualification processes.
  • Work with our suppliers to continuously optimize our packaging.

  • Foster 3Rs innovation through our Supplier Award Program.
  • Launched Supplier Award Program since 2017.

  • Strengthen supplier’s digital capability through online solution, the Supplier Life Cycle Management (SLCM).
of existing suppliers comply with the Code.

of suppliers take part in online sustainability survey.

is included as awarding criteria for our Supplier Award Program 2018.
of packaging reduction in main packaging.

of packaging suppliers in Supplier Award Program have high score on innovation criteria.
of Supplier Award Program participants show improvement.

of suppliers in alcoholic business are using SLCM.
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