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Kosit Suksingha
Executive Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Management
This is considered an era in which technology is evolving dramatically, or as we often call it, the “Digital Transformation”. This presents a business opportunity for ThaiBev to improve the efficiency of its work processes, and develop human resources, including our suppliers and partners, to be ready for the digital era, which is absolutely essential for our organization’s growth during a time of rapid change.
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Saksayam Arunsang
Category Manager, Construction and Material Handling Procurement Pan International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
“Participating in the Human Rights workshop has helped me understand clearly that Human Rights are an important issue in the context of procurement. This is particularly relevant to the contractor’s employment that I am responsible for, which is a group at risk of Human Rights violation in terms of compensation, and occupational health and safety. In mitigating these risks, ThaiBev has considered Human Rights risks starting from the selection of contractors and stipulated conditions in the contract of employment.

In addition, the company has a process for regularly inspecting business partners to ensure that these business partners are aware and comply with ThaiBev’s Human Rights requirements and treat their employees fairly.”
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Pitupong Soraphan
Acting Vice-President, Market Intelligence
Non - alcoholic Berverage Business
“In a nationwide survey, close to 80 percent of ThaiBev’s consumers are opting for healthier choices of food and beverages in their daily diet. More than 55 percent of drinkers seek low calories and low sugar alternatives. With this healthier trend, ThaiBev is making efforts in developing healthier products, and we place importance on developing and reformulating lower sugar products.
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Paisarn Aowsathaporn
Executive Vice President Food Business
“In the past year, the food business of the ThaiBev Group has grown from its continuously expanding food business portfolio and branches. The company has expanded branches, developed restaurant formats and menus, and expanded delivery channels with online platforms that respond to the needs of modern consumers, to push forward the food business under the ThaiBev Group and to achieve our “Vision 2020” objectives.
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