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Dr. Agapol Na Songkhla
Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, Thai Beverage Public Company Limited

ThaiBev aims to be an admired and sustainable organization. Therefore, the philosophy of compensation and benefits reflects our attentiveness to work in various positions, ranging from operational employees who are located throughout the country, to the new generation of employees, whose values and lifestyles reflect rapid changes in society, as well as the managers and executives who face the challenges of multinational business management. ThaiBev’s compensation and benefits system has been designed to be suitably adjusted to all job levels in each company and reflects the recruitment situation in each country in which ThaiBev operates.

At the same time, ThaiBev is committed to promoting employee growth and engagement over the long run as well as strengthening business competitiveness. ThaiBev constantly strives to develop its employees, and promote career growth, enabling the expansion of the business to be based on a strong human capital foundation and increasing ThaiBev’s regional competitiveness.
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