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Ueychai Tantha-Obhas
Director and Senior Executive Vice President, and Chief Operation Officer, Thai Beverage Public Company Limited

Customers are important stakeholders of our organization and are a key variable enabling us to achieve our objectives. Therefore, we must help develop the potential of customers to work with us efficiently to get our products into consumers’ hands. ThaiBev will prosper if consumers are satisfied with our products; it is they who will consume our products and make repeat purchases. This is a key factor for business success. In summary, customers are important. Therefore, customer management cannot be forced. We must try to get customers to work with us happily, to be satisfied and profitable, so they will stay with us.
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Dr. Pisanu Vichiensanth
Director and Senior Executive Vice President, and Chief Technology and Engineering

How important is climate change to ThaiBev?
The climate change crisis, which is becoming more intense, is causing impacts on natural resources and energy. ThaiBev is aware of the importance of climate change; as a large producer of beverages using water and agricultural products as its main raw materials, it is directly impacted. There are also energy limitations from using natural resources and future risks such as a Carbon Tax on the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from the company’s operation.
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Nongnuch Buranasetkul
Senior Vice President and Chief Food Business - Thailand

Food is our product. Therefore, safety is our highest priority. In whatever business, we must be confident in what we are doing. If we offer food products to the public, we must be confident to consume them ourselves and recommend them to friends and family. This is the basic ethical duty of the food industry, not just putting out anything we have made. These days, shoppers are concerned about nutrition and food safety, and we want everyone to co-exist sustainably.

For OISHI, we have developed systems and store supervision that conform to the GMP, HACCP and ISO standards certified by a leading global company in systems verifying, SGS. We are especially proud to be the only food business to have received these verifications, not only in Thailand, but also in Asia, for all brands and stores under OISHI.
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Lester Tan Teck Chuan
Senior Vice President and Chief Non-Alcoholic Beverages Business - Thailand

As the number of consumers grows together with us, we are fully aware of the responsibility we have to them. High quality and safe products are standard requirements that we will always guarantee to deliver.

We also want to go one step further to be a part of our consumer’s healthier choices and active lifestyles. There has been a call for more products with lower sugar and more nutritional benefits. We have answered that call by launching new products with lower sugar and also reducing the amount of sugar in existing products. In the long term, we will continue to be dedicated to our customers and want to be a part of looking after customers’ health and nutrition.
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