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The 3Rs Principle and Beyond

  • Strictly adhere to 3Rs Principle: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
  • Apply circular economy principle to our packaging development.
  • Collaborate with our supplier to create more environmental friendly products.
  • Encourage our consumers to take part in reducing packaging waste.

Packaging and Circular Economy

Sustainability is embedded into ThaiBev packaging from the design and development to post-consumption processes.


Cease the Usage of Cap Seal
ThaiBev Group is among the five major beverage producers in Thailand who put in voluntary effort to cease the use of cap seal in bottled water in order to reduce plastic waste in collaboration with Thai Beverage Industry Association (TBA) and in response to the Pollution Control Department (PCD)’s campaign to totally abandon the use of cap seals on bottled water by the end of 2019. The campaign was officially launched on April 1st, 2018.

Recycling Business Expansion
Thai Beverage Recycle Co., Ltd., a subsidiary to ThaiBev Group responsible for the procurement and management of glass bottle supply as well as retrieving post-consumption packaging materials, has gone into cullet recycling business in 2017.

Bio-PET Bottle
Following our feasibility research on bioplastic in 2016-2017, we plan to introduce the first lot of bioplastic bottled water for non-commercial purpose at ThaiBev Expo 2018 and ThaiBev Business Partner Conference 2018, the annual event held annually. We are committed in promoting a more environmental friendly product to our customers and suppliers and encourage them to being a part in reducing plastic waste.

Bio-plastic Bag
As our first step in addressing plastic waste issue, we will develop a plastic bag that minimizes environmental footprint. ThaiBev Group plans to launch bio-plastic bag within 2018 for Oishi Delivery and MX Bakery since takeaway food often goes hand in hand with plastic bag.

Take-back System at Samui Island
In our effort to contribute to waste reduction campaign on Samui island, we have recently initiated a collaboration with local authority by establishing a recycling center on the island for purchasing used glass bottles and cullets in April 2018.

Through this initiative, we help absorb cost impact for our suppliers, the local scrappers, by providing transportation services to the mainland.

In addition, through this program, ThaiBev aims to tackle marine pollution by encouraging recycling while at the same time creating economic welfare among the local community.


Crystal Open House

Crystal recently launched our “Crystal Open House” events, inviting high school students to visit our manufacturing plants across the country. During the event, students observe and learn about the manufacturing process of our drinking water and how we produce water to the highest international standards.

We also use this opportunity to promote environmental awareness among youth through our ‘Upcycling Station’ initiative. These upcycling stations, with instructions on the proper recycling of PET bottles, have been distributed to schools across the country. Once collected, used bottles will be supplied to our business partners to be transformed into other products and sometimes, for even further product innovation.

Crystal plans to distribute these stations to at least 60 schools by the end of this year and participation of over 6000 students is expected.


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