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Responsible Consumption

Thai Beverage Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries (collectively “ThaiBev”), the world-class producer and distributor of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, aim to create the high-quality products of all product groups for the consumers. As outlined in ThaiBev’s Vision 2020, ThaiBev not only strives to accomplish efficient growth and to diversify our market, product groups. We also guarantee the brand satisfaction, while simultaneously attending to the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages by organizing campaigns and workshops with entrepreneurs and alcohol servers to educate those directly involved with consumers on various aspects of alcoholic beverages.

Purpose of the activities organized by ThaiBev is to encourage the consumers to drink responsibly, taking into account the consumers’ health and safety along with the safety of society. The activities include:

Serve Responsibly Project
The Serve Responsibly Project has been commenced since year 2016 with purpose to raise the alcohol servers’ awareness of their responsibilities to the society, emphasizing an importance of customers’ welfare and safety. To promote the responsible service of alcohol, ThaiBev has organized the “Serve Responsibly” workshops for servers of alcoholic beverages including the food and beverage service managers, the waiters, and the hotel and premium restaurant bartenders. The objective of these workshops is to lower the risk of accidents associated with the excessive alcohol consumption. Each workshop, lasting 1 (one) day, covers the following topics:

  • Knowledge with respect to the laws regulating alcoholic beverages, especially the Alcohol Control Act, B.E. 2551 (A.D. 2008), and the first-hand experiences from police officers overseeing the enforcement of land traffic laws.
  • Knowledge from the medical experts with purpose to create proper understanding of an appropriate alcoholic consumption (Standard Drink), which would be beneficial to the consumers’ health prevention.
  • Knowledge in body reactions before and after excessive alcohol intoxication from the “Walking Drunk” activity where participants had a chance to try out intoxication-simulating “Drunk Buster Goggles” enabling them to identify those customers who have the signs of intoxication

In 2017, ThaiBev organized three consecutive “Serve Responsibly” workshops with a total of 200 alcoholic beverage servers participating the workshops, a number achieving the set goal. Next year, ThaiBev intends to extend the workshops to Greater Bangkok and major cities in each region of Thailand. ThaiBev has a strong belief for each and every workshop participant to apply the knowledge gained to their work and to share their knowledge with others, hence the production, distribution and consumption of alcoholic beverages in overall aspects shall be proceeded in a socially responsible manner.

“Spirit Induction Program”
The “Spirit Induction Program”, a 3.5-day course, was organized for ThaiBev’s 115 sales representatives. The program’s main objective is to make such representatives aware of their roles and duties as alcoholic beverages salespersons. During the program, the representatives were provided with updates on the laws regulating alcoholic beverages, in particular the rules and conditions governing labeling and packaging, along with the penalty provisions in relevant to places and time which the sales of alcoholic beverages are illegal, the persons prohibited from purchasing alcohol, and other practices prohibited by law. ThaiBev has a strong belief that the participating sales representatives will take the information they have received and apply such information to their work practices, recognizing their role as well as fostering an awareness of their responsibilities to the general public.
“Safe Driving with ThaiBev” Taxi Back Ads Project
To campaign the general public for the responsible drinking with a view to lower road traffic accidents and enhance overall road safety, ThaiBev has collaborated with the public sectors and other private organizations to create the Taxi Back Ads project, using advertising space in the back of taxi-cabs as the channel to stimulate self-awareness and to remind the drivers and passengers to be mindful of the importance of good discipline and behavior on the road.

This project organized by ThaiBev has been ongoing since 2008, with 300 taxi-cabs participating each year. At present, there are 3000 participating taxi-cabs to cover the whole area of the Greater Bangkok.


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