“ThaiBev places highest importance of managing relationships with customers along the entire value chain. These include;”

% Customer Satisfaction Score

KPI 2018 (2561)

% Customer Survey Coverage

KPI 2018 (2561)

Engagement with Customers as Key Stakeholder
ThaiBev gives priority to close engagement with all stakeholders. For the case of customers, the company engages the customers through a wide range of channels and activities.

Such engagement includes in order for customers to contact, inquire, file complaints and improve our services in case of complaints (Customer Relationship Center, 02-617-6500 or info@thaibev.com). ThaiBev also collects and processes such engagement information as basis for improvement in order to provide timely responses to our customers’ needs.

Engagement Channels
  • ThaiBev EXPO 2017
  • Annual Customer Meeting
  • Customer Training and Development Workshops
  • Business Development Activities
  • Annual Business Review Activities
  • Annual Customer Factory Visit
  • Agent “The next gen” Project
  • Annual Sustainability Survey

Issues of Stakeholder Interest and Concern
  • Consumer health and safety
  • Clear business policies
  • Transparency in business operations
  • Responsibility to consumers
  • Involvement in business planning
  • Training to enhance skills and knowledge
  • Building cooperation and networks to create value for society
  • Flexibility in marketing to meet business demands

Applicable Reports
  • Consumer Health, Safety and Well-Being
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • ThaiBev’s Sustainability Approach
  • Limitless Opportunities for ThaiBev’s Employees
  • Sharing the Value with the World