“ThaiBev places highest importance of managing relationships with customers along the entire value chain. These include;”

% Customer Satisfaction Score

KPI 2018 (2561)

% Customer Survey Coverage

KPI 2018 (2561)

Business Competitive Development
ThaiBev recognize the value of building a positive relationship with customers and strive to support, help and develop business competitiveness for customers through projects such as

“The Next Gen” program
Program’s objectives are to inspire current successors of ThaiBev’s Agents (“The Next Gen”), equip them with relevant expertise and strengthen relationship among The Next Gen and ThaiBev management so that such Next Gen will be ready to carry on their parents’ business of distributing and selling ThaiBev’s product.

Since Horeca Management Company Limited has started the business over the past 3 years in Hotel and Premium Restaurant Channels. The company emphasize on professionalism service include product quality and after service through various company activities and programs. For instance, Beer and Spirits Factory Visit, Perfect Serve Product Training and Serve Responsibly Program which is one of our key session to demonstrate to customers how to serve responsibly to end consumers.
Serve Responsibly Program
The compnay realizes the importance of serve responsibly with an intention of serving alcohol beverage with conscious mind and refuse to serve alcohol to intoxicated consumers to minimize any social crimes. Therefore, once Thaibev External Affairs Office had launched the Serve Responsbly Program, Horeca had been selected as the first channel to join and corporate in providing Serve Responsibly knowledge training to the customers.

This program offers knowledge in many aspects include legislation and medical leading by expert from responsible organizations (Doctor, Police and Lawyer). Nevertheless, the session also demonstrates the negative effect that cause from alcohol beverage and drink tips suggestion.

Finally, the company will provides certificates to participants to certify that they complete the program and ready to service customer responsibly. The training has been held for 3 times per year. Over 200 participants had been join with this program since program started last year till now. The next training (no. 5) will be held soon this month, June 2018 in Pattaya.
Road show and factory tour
Factory tour is one of the key strategy that can widen customer perspectives on the quality, cleanliness and world standard production process. Moreover, we will add knowledge such as how to keep and serve beverage in appropriately way such as draught beer life time should not be more than 3 months in storage. The company also emphasizes on the concept of “FEFO” (First Expired, First Out).

Additionally, beer temperature should be at 4 – 8 degree Celsius to ensure best taste (Perfect Serve) and 45 degree is the perfect angle to pour beer to create best foam.
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