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One part of ThaiBev’s Sustainable Development Approach is the support of sports, as we recognize that sports are an activity that boosts and develops physical and mental health for people of all genders and ages.

Famous athletes domestically and internationally as serve as an inspiration for youth helping to prepare them for success in their future athletic careers. These are some of the reasons that the Company has long been committed to supporting the sports industry, because of our belief that sports create quality, ethical people who are respectful of rules. This is in line with ThaiBev’s guidelines for business operations, thus leading to our creation of various sports projects, whose goal for society and communities is to give opportunities for learning and inspiration to youth.

Altogether, the promotion of sports is held to be a factor in developing a sustainable society. The Company supports athletics in many ways, with a yearly budget of more than 200 million baht.

ThaiBev’s support of various sports has an impact on more than 800 professional athletes:

Football players
football clubs

Futsal players
futsal clubs


International snooker players
snooker clubs

Volleyball players

Tennis player

Long boat racing commentators

Car racers

“ThaiBev, Thai Talent and Football” is a project for creating and sharing with heart and fostering a good mindset through athletic spirit.
ThaiBev has been involved in football for more than 20 years, working to develop Thai Football sustainably under the concept of “Create and Share with Heart, Build an Athletic Spirit,” a way of working creatively and sharing opportunities with heart and creating an athletic spirit. The operation is split into 3 levels:

  • Youth: to build sportsmanship and strong mental and physical foundations in youth to benefit Thai society

  • General Public: to foster genuine friendships

  • Professional / National Level: to produce personnel and sustainable careers to benefit Thai society

Project Focus


Annual Budget




8 projects

30,000,000 baht

60,000 people

Football skills training + promotion and development in every region, free of charge

General Public

12 projects

50,000,000 baht

100,000 people

Competitions and general partnerships with various agencies


34 projects

100,000,000 baht

1,600,00 people

Support for professional football clubs and football tournaments throughout the year

National Level

2 projects

50,000,000 baht
230,000,000 baht

350,000 people
2,110,000 people

Support for the Football Association of Thailand and the establishing of a scholarship fund for the youth level of the Association, for developing national-level football players to participate in international tournaments

Note : Average Data for 2017
Sponsorship of Football at the Youth Level to Build Opportunities, Build Inspiration and Build Careers
ThaiBev has established “ThaiBev, Thai Talent,” to be directly responsible for the sustainable development of sports at all levels, from the youth level to the national level. The Company recognizes sports as a way to give opportunities to youth and to creatively influence them, with the belief that sports can build good values, create opportunities and elevate quality of life for youth.
Chang Football Community with the Ban Karuna Juvenile Vocational Training Center for Boys
Chang Football Community is a collaboration between ThaiBev and the Ban Karuna Juvenile Vocational Training Center for Boys, which utilizes ThaiBev’s partnerships in the football industry to create a friendly atmosphere. The project teaches football skills while at the same time addresses the lifestyle and public career of professional footballers, to adjust the thinking of the youth and promote a good attitude towards life.

It is hoped that in the future, the youth of Ban Karuna can return to normal society, prepare for careers in football, and receive sincere appreciation from the outside world.

Budget for projects
million baht budget for projects

of the total budget Create and Extend Opportunities
Sponsored football programs or institutions

  • ThaiBev Football Academy

  • Chang Mobile Football Unity

  • Chang Football Community

  • Youth learn the correct techniques for playing football and cultivate sportsmanship

  • ThaiBev’s football network is extended to various communities in Thailand

  • Youth forge a connection to the brand

  • Youth with good football skills have an opportunity to work toward the professional level

Youth participants
500,000 person

of the total budget Inspire
Sponsored football programs or institutions

  • Chang Everton Junior Cup

  • Chang Everton Advanced

  • Football Clinic

  • Chang Everton Road to England

  • Youth get to participate in a large scale tournament which aids in the work toward the professional level

  • Youth get to experience England with the Everton Football Club

  • Youth learn and practice football techniques with the coaches of Everton Football Club

  • Youth are inspired by professional football players

Participating communities
100 districts

45 provinces

of the total budget Build Careers Toward Success
Sponsored football programs or institutions

  • Chang Everton Coaching

  • Chang Junior Football Team

  • Assumption Thonburi Football Academy

  • Trainees become professional coaches

  • Trainees get to work in the sports industry

  • Youth get the chance to work toward the skills necessary for entering the professional level

Thai Long Boat Racing “One Focus, One Victory”
our commitment to supporting Thai traditional sports for more than 30 years
“Continuing the Thai long boat tradition, part of the cultural heritage of the Mekong”
Long boat racing is both a cultural heritage of the river and a sport that reflects the village way of life and the relationship Thai people have had with water since the Ayutthaya period. Boats and the village way of life are part and parcel of the relationship between communities along the river basin and the life-sustaining river, a relationship in which villagers harmoniously take care of the river.

This is consistent with ThaiBev’s approach to business, which is similarly dependent upon water, and is the origin of the concept “One Focus, One Victory.”

The Company has lent its support to long boat racing for more than 30 years, including the long boat team “Mekong First Ship,” a team from the area surrounding a company factory.

The Newest Generation of Long Boat Commentators Project
In the past year, ThaiBev initiated the “The Newest Generation of Long Boat Commentators” project, with the foresight that race commentators are an important element of long boat racing. They help add color and flavor into the event for the audience on both river banks, effectively the charm of the race. This profession should also be preserved and passed on to future generations. In addition, the project helps develop children who belong to these new generations.

More than 10 Thai youth participants have qualified for further development into becoming professional commentators.

Success from Sustainable Development Guidelines
ThaiBev has been a sponsor of the Thai Volleyball Association for more than 30 years, making the association capable of systematically implementing a development plan for the continual success of volleyball players on the national and global level, as well as capable of winning the hearts of the people and pushing the new generation to become through-and-through professional volleyball players.
SangSom 6 Red World Championship
ThaiBev sponsors and promotes snooker 6 red in Thailand, which has sparked a trend of popular interest and culminated in the SangSom 6 Red World Championship, which has been held for more than 10 years and boosted the 6 red snooker phenomenon in Thailand. Thai audiences can be proud of the snooker 6 red tournament, which has been proposed for inclusion at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

In addition, ThaiBev continues to support the world-class snooker players from Thailand, such as: Tong Sitchoi (James Wattana), formerly the third ranked snooker player in world, and Thepchaiya Un-Nooh (F Nakhon Nayok), World Champion of the SangSom 6 Red World Championship 2015.
Castle 12 Race stage for local youth racers to maintain social order
“Castle 12” is a cooperative project between ThaiBev and Buriram Province which has operated for 3 years, to organize the space and set the rules for motorcycle speed races for youth racers for free. It aims to reduce the number of accidents and violent incidents among local youth, and to give youth knowledge about the rules and regulations of proper driving.

Meanwhile, the project creates opportunities for learning about maintenance and how to compete in a professional manner, all with experienced professionals.