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ThaiBev Corporate social responsibility projects cover 5 main aspects which are:

Community and Social Development


Public Health


Arts and Culture
All ThaiBev social sustainability projects represent how we care and share for the society and environmental throughout the value chain. ThaiBev firmly believes in giving back part of the profits we earn from our business to make contributions to society.

We are fully committed to aligning the sustainable development platform of our own vision 2020 with the principles of the sufficiency economy philosophy (SEP), the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), SGX’s practice note and global reporting initiative (GRI) guidelines, as well as global sustainability trends and innovations to create a powerful, multi-pronged platform enabling growth and sustainable development. We focus on earning the trust of stakeholders, care for the environment and greater opportunities to make a sustainable world and to be a truly responsible and sustainable total beverage company.

CSR Priorities & KPIs
There are three main priorities in our group-wide corporate citizenship/philanthropy strategy which aligned with our key business drivers; Growth, Diversity, Brand, Reach, Professionalism:

1) Increasing Thai community household income and creating job opportunity.
We have many community and social development projects as well as the Pracharath policy which effectively drive our key stakeholders such as local communities to have a self-sufficiency live, and a decent career. ThaiBev is aiming to see communities grow stronger and build a stable, prosperous and sustainable country.

Social / Environmental Benefit KPI Business Benefit KPI
Increased household income per community The company’s brand image as a community developer, and a promoter of arts, cultures and well-being.
Number of social enterprise under ThaiBev support Increase in number of partnerships or potential customer influencer
Number of employees, who participating in activities for social benefits, have more engagement with the company

2) Fostering good citizenship, sportsmanship and public health.
Most of our Corporate Social Responsibility budget is contributed for Sports and public Health. ThaiBev recognizes that developing both of physical and mental health for people both internal and external of the company brings more chances for career success and sustainable society. ThaiBev focuses on supporting sport as it helps creating quality member of society through the concept of sportsmanship which is one of our brand values and also builds strong partnership with the Company. Sports is an excellent tool for human capital development. It promotes sportsmanship, strengthens the players’ discipline and focus. The participation facilitates the players’ personal growth, enabling them improved quality of life.

Social / Environmental Benefit KPI Business Benefit KPI
Number of sport professional developed. Public awareness on ThaiBev’s brand value measured through a market research.
Number of people participated in sport activities throughout Thailand. Less disruption in business operations due to good relations and engagement with stakeholders in the vicinity

3) Expanding partnerships, emphasizing on social enterprise and ASEAN collaboration through C asean.
ThaiBev established C asean which is a new platform, social enterprise aiming to strengthening collaboration among the Asean community not only business criteria, but also art and culture. We believe that C asean can help us to create connection and collaboration among Asean people. In 2017, the key main activity was C asean Consonant ensemble consists of young musician from 10 ASEAN countries. The Band was invited to perform in many places across Asia especially in important occasions. In addition, one of roles is to be the sustainability hub for the ASEAN region. Among C asean many activities, we aim to be a vibrant center for those pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors to initiate social enterprise as an essential tool to create harmonious and sustainable development activities in the regional.

Social / Environmental Benefit KPI Business Benefit KPI
Number of startups and social enterprise under ThaiBev support Public awareness on ThaiBev’s brand value measured through a market research
Number of sustainable development initiatives under C asean projects Expansion of market outreach from increased number of partners from both private and public sectors
Type of Activities & Contributions
Type of Contribution Total amount (BAHT)
Cash contributions 327,597,982 Monetary Units
Time: employee volunteering during paid working hours 44,589,501 Monetary Units
In-kind giving: product or services donations, projects/ partnerships or similar 35,203,275.19 Monetary Units
Management overheads 142,195,799.22 Monetary Units