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Thaibev maintain high quality of products as well as continuous improvement and present new product and new package for increase choice to customers. Also aim to compliance with regulations, legal and national standard.

Chang Drinking water
In 2016, Chang drinking water was received “Gold Award” from Monde Selection International Quality Institute Since 1961. ‘Chang Drinking Water’ is manufactured from specially selected pure and safe underground sources; any contaminants are filtered out through a natural process. Then the water is processed in the world-class factory, deploying advanced purifying procedures, including UV filter, Ozone filter and Reverse Osmosis system. Our sophisticated production facility is certified by the United States NSF agency, so our consumers can be assured of reliable quality and hygiene in every bottle of ‘Chang Drinking Water,”

Chang Beer
In 2017, Chang Beer was received “Thailand Winner Country winner of Helles/Münchner Lager Beer” from World Beer Awards. Chang Beer was crowned ‘Thailand Country Winer’ for Lager Beer in Helles/Münchner style at the World Beer Awards 2017, emphasizing the outstanding quality of Chang Beer. The beer style is characterized by a light to heavy gold colour with malt sweetness, light dusting of floral and spicy hops on aroma and palate, clean tasting with gentle finish and light hop bitterness and generally 4.8-5.4% ABV

Federbräu Beer
In 2017, Federbräu Beer was received “Best German Style Pale Beer Award” from World Beer Awards and “Design and Packaging” from The International Beer Challenge.

Federbräu, is unique method of using imported German single malt to create a well-rounded authentic German beer flavor. Federbräu’s distinctive new packaging design and impressed judges.The new look and taste have been a big hit with the younger crowd who appreciate quality and style. The awards guaranteed that Federbräu has the right blend of creative style and superb taste to market the demands of Thais who appreciate the finest thing in life.

Chang Mineral water
In 2018, Chang Mineral water was received “Gold Award” from Monde Selection International Quality Institute Since 1961.

Chang Mineral Water contains beneficial minerals accumulated in the natural 1.6 million years. The mineral water is filtered with the Triple Filtration Process, ensuring highest purity while allowing all beneficial minerals to pass through. The high manufacturing standard is certified by the well-respected National Sanitation Foundation or NSF, assuring that the quality of Chang Mineral Water is second to none.

Beer Chang Remarkable Achievements Recognized at TPM Awards
The well-respected TPM Awards are held annually by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance or JIPM, which was founded in 1964 with the purpose of encouraging factories to attain high levels of plant maintenance at its PM Excellence awards. As the practices and technology of plant maintenance continued to advance, the JIPM set new criteria called ‘Total Productive Maintenance’ or TPM in 1971 to recognize factories which displayed remarkable achievements. As the maintenance technology and practices continued to progress, so did the development of the TPM awards. The definition of TPM was redefined once again in 1989 to encompass companywide commitment to production excellence. Then in 2007, TPM Awards started working with assessment agencies in extending its reach to factories and production plants around the world. In Thailand, the key assessment agency that work closely with the JIPM is the Technology Promotion Association Thailand-Japan.

From left: Youthapong Junsri, Weerachai Chaiyamong, and Thammanoon Roatphanykit represent Beer Thai (1991) in receiving the TPM award.
Teams at Beer Thai (1991) Public Company Limited have always worked ceaselessly to attain excellence in manufacturing highest quality products as well as maintenance. A range of productivity and improvement activities, including the TPM, are practiced companywide, and these efforts have paid off, as they qualified the company for the award in TPM Excellence, Category A. The Category A’s strict criteria state the winning companies must have minimum of three years or more of achievement activities following the introduction of TPM, all staff members must complete TPM’s four steps of autonomous maintenance, which promote preventive action, and the companies must complete infrastructure development of TPM activity with both tangible and intangible achievement obtained. Most importantly, the companies and all staff members must deploy activities based on the eight pillars of TPM, namely Focused Improvement; Autonomous Maintenance; Planned Maintenance; Quality Maintenance; Education and Training; Initial Phase; Indirect Department and Office; and Safety, Health and Environment.

The TPM Awards Ceremony 2016 was held on 23 March 2017 at the Kyoto International Conference Center in Kyoto, Japan, Production Director and Head of Focused Improvement Pillar Weerachai Chaiyamong, Head of Autonomous Maintenance Pillar Youthapong Junsri represented Beer Thai (1991) in receiving the prestigious TPM Excellence, Category A award. Weerachai commented, “All Beer Thai colleagues truly deserve this TPM Award, On behalf of Beer Thai employees, I’d also like to extend gratitude to our executives for their constant support.”

From left: Boonchoo Ponglamjiak, Suwach Pongnimit, and Pitipong Sermpatarachai represent BeerThip (1991) Company Limited in receiving the TPM award.
In 2017, Beer Thip Brewery (1991) Company Limited, received the award “TPM Excellence, Category A” from the TPM Awards Ceremony 2018, held by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM).

In June 2018, Cosmos Brewery (Thailand) Company Limited, will be assessment from the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM).


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